Miller Online Workshop on Radiation Chemistry

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Dear fellow radiation chemists,

We have extended the pre-registration deadline to Fri. October 22nd for the Miller Online Workshop on Radiation Chemistry, which is to be held on 10-12 February, 2022. Please access the pre-registration Google Form here:

Also, we wanted to answer a few questions that have arisen since we sent out the original email:
* The Google Form is a pre-registration, so that we can determine
the level and type of interest in the meeting. The official (free) registration will come at a later date. We are also currently developing a website for the meeting.
* We encourage a significant participation from early career
scientists (undergraduate & PhD students, post-docs, and indeed anyone of any age who is still in the early stages of their career, before or after obtaining a PhD). Therefore, please forward this email to your students and colleagues, especially students and post-docs who may not be on our email distribution list.
* The majority of the talks will most likely be 15 mins in
duration, and will be delivered by early career scientists.
* We also plan to invite several senior scientists from different
fields of radiation chemistry to give longer highlight talks throughout the meeting.
* Everyone is encouraged to present a poster (including senior
scientists). Even if you are selected to give a 15 min talk, you will still be able to present a poster if you want to. We are currently determining the best platform for the virtual poster session.
* Senior scientists will play an important role in this workshop,
and we strongly encourage their participation, even if they are not presenting. This way, they can provide valuable contributions to discussions and give important feedback to the early career scientists. Hopefully, it will also provide them with an opportunity to meet their future PhD students and post-docs!

Best regards,

The Miller Trust Committee

From: Grills, David
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2021 12:06 PM
Subject: Save the date – Miller Online Workshop on Radiation Chemistry
– 10th-12th February 2022

Dear fellow radiation chemists,

As you are all painfully aware, the ongoing pandemic has forced us to postpone or cancel many meetings and conferences since the beginning of last year. Meetings and conferences in radiation chemistry are no exception. This is of course a major drawback for all of us, as we miss many opportunities to present our work, get updates on what is happening in other labs, countries and continents, and maybe most of all, we miss opportunities for informal discussions and networking.
For early career scientists, the chances of giving presentations, to be exposed to future employers, and to build a network have completely disappeared, and this is a potential problem in their future career development.

The great initiative by Gregory Horne (Idaho National Laboratory) to host monthly global seminars in radiation chemistry has worked as an inspiration to many of us. To further reduce the problems caused by the pandemic, the Miller Trust Committee has decided to host a “Miller Online Workshop on Radiation Chemistry” on 10-12 February, 2022. The workshop will take place from 12:00-16:00 Central European Time on all three days. This is to allow as much global participation as possible.
The program will mainly be devoted to presentations from early career scientists, but we also plan to invite some more senior scientists to give oral presentations. The event will be free of charge.

If you are interested in participating, please fill in the following Google Form no later than 15th October 22nd October:

Please feel free to spread this information to anyone who might be interested, especially students and post-docs in your labs who may not have received this email.

We hope to see you online in February, and in real life sometime during 2022.

Best regards,

The Miller Trust Committee